Mike Lankford 

A thirty minute talk followed by a Q&A, I will look both at Leonardo da Vinci as conventionally interpreted by historians, and what the evidence tells us in a modern context. Likewise, I will look at the historical process and how we know the past and individuals from another time.


[Keywords for this session: Leonardo da Vinci] 

Speaker Bio

Mike Lankford grew up in southwestern Oklahoma and is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop. He is the author of Life in Double Time, a memoir about his years as a white drummer in a black R&B band. The book was selected by eight major newspapers as the best music book of the year.

He has also written on homeopathy and the America West.

Becoming Leonardo: An Exploded View of the Life of Leonardo da Vinci, is a biography of the great artist and engineer as told from both a 15th and 21st Century point of view. Selected by the Wall Street Journal as a 2017 Top Ten Book of the Year, and by the Spectator (UK) as a 2017 Notable Book of the Year.