Denise Barreto

21st Century Leadership requires frank and brave discussion about tough topics. The United States and the rest of the world have come to a place in history where we have to decide who we will be moving forward and that especially affects our work in medicine. Now more than ever, we are called to live our mission/vision/values and that can feel like a political act. So be it. Connecting essential elements of compelling storytelling with the intersections of diversity in the broadest sense, we will examine how our own biases impact us in our work. We will quickly create a brave space to have frank discussion about these tough and sensitive topics and build personal anti-bias skills to help us as a collective industry and as individuals.


[Keywords for this session: Inclusive Leadership, Diversity] 

Speaker Bio

Come ready to learn with entrepreneur, public servant, and TEDx presenter Denise W. Barreto, a highly sought after teacher whose down to earth style and commitment to interactive discourse makes her sessions come to life for listeners and she sends them away with tangible tips and personal challenges to drive home the content they hear. As a former elected official and current strategic business partner for nonprofits, government and corporate entities (and soon-to-be filmmaker), she is a leading American voice on 21st Century leadership.