The Vesalius Trust, in co-operation with the Association of Medical Illustrators, will hold the Vesalius Trust Poster Symposium during the 2019 AMI Annual Conference. All 2018–2019 applicants to the Vesalius Trust Scholarship Program are invited to present their research in poster session format at this year’s AMI conference.



Poster presentation of research is a volunteer opportunity open to all 2018–2019 applicants to the Vesalius Trust Scholarship Program. You do not have to have received a VT scholarship or grant to take part. However, you must be present to be available to discuss your research with interested AMI members during the VT Poster Symposium on Saturday, July 27th from 10:15—11:15 am, at the Milwaukee Hyatt Regency.

Submission Deadline: Monday, July 1, 2019*.

Cost: There is no entry fee. Vesalius Trust sponsor, Medical Graphics, will cover the expense of printing and shipping the posters to the AMI meeting.

Submission Materials:

Instructions and Judging Criteria may be downloaded at:

An Adobe Illustrator poster template may be downloaded at:


A Best Poster Award and/or an Honorable Mention will be given and presented at the AMI Awards Ceremony on Friday, July 26th.

Also, by participating in the Vesalius Trust Poster Symposium you will qualify to have your research poster published in the Journal of Biocommunications (JBC) in 2019. The JBC requires that the author submit an abstract of 350 words or less and a PDF of the poster. The published abstract will be discoverable by PubMed Central, with a click-to-enlarge feature, which will display the full poster PDF      

* If you choose to participate, please notify Joy Marlowe at