2018 AMI Online Salon

Ultrasound of the Equine Stifle

Project Detail

  • Artist(s):  Lindsay Heisler
  • Contributors: Elizabeth Santschi, Zach Ginn, James Moore, Christopher Herron; Athens, Georgia
  • Client: Kansas State University
  • Copyright: © 2018 University of Georgia
  • Medium / software used: Osirix, ZBrush, KeyShot, Illustrator, Photoshop, Tumult Hype, iBooks Author
  • Final presentation format: iBook
  • Primary audience: Veterinary Students

Project Description

The purpose of this iBook is to help veterinary students understand how to image an equine stifle with ultrasound. It begins by covering basic anatomy and relevant directional terms. Students are then encouraged to discover the locations of the imageable structures and their relationship to surface anatomy. Using a widget built specifically for this iBook, students can practice imaging the stifle by dragging their finger across the model– this produces real ultrasound images corresponding to the structure they are over. Finally, this iBook shows the students the best way to approach each structure after they have had a chance to explore on their own.