2018 AMI Online Salon

Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe) after Gastric Bypass

Project Details

  • Artist(s):  Caitlin Mock; ROCHESTER, Minnesota
  • Client: Dr. Eric Vargas, Dr. Barham Abu Dayyeh, Dr. Andrew Storm
  • Copyright: © 2017 Mayo Clinic
  • Medium / software used: Adobe Photoshop, ZBrush
  • Final presentation format: journal publication
  • Primary audience: Surgeons and physicians

Project Description

The purpose of this illustration is to depict the procedure known as transoral outlet reduction (TORe).

During an initial gastric bypass procedure, a small portion of the stomach is stapled off and reattached to the small intestine. Over time, this opening created between the stomach and the small intestine becomes dilated, causing loss of satiety and subsequent weight regain. The TORe procedure endoscopically revises this outlet by reducing the diameter of the opening, ultimately slowing the progression of weight regain.