2018 AMI Online Salon

Stem Cell Orchestra: Building a Cardiac Patch

Project Details

  • Artist(s):  Shawna Snyder; Baltimore, Maryland
  • Client: Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Warren Grayson
  • Copyright: © 2018 Shawna R Snyder
  • Medium / software used: Meshlab, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop
  • Final presentation format: Website, Presentation
  • Primary audience: Bioengineering undergraduate, graduate, PhD students, other bioengineering professionals, other cardiology researchers

Project Description

A potential treatment of heart failure from myocardial infarction is to replace damaged tissue with a cardiac patch, a bioengineered construct of cardiomyocytes and stem cell-supported capillaries grown on a bioscaffold. Tissue engineers require a thorough understanding of the cues that guide multiple cell types to form functional tissue.

The objective is to teach basic tissue engineering concepts in the cardiac patch building process by visualizing the forces that drive cellular events and impulse conduction between cardiomyocytes with 3D animation. Confocal microscopy datasets (Johns Hopkins University, Allen Institute of Cell Science, University of Oslo) were utilized to visualize cellular structure and motion.