2018 AMI Online Salon

Simulated Vision Impairment

Project Detail

  • Artist(s):  Judy Rubin
  • Contributors: Dieter Sliter, Kevin Keables, Jeremiah Fyler; Centennial, Colorado
  • Client: Attorney
  • Copyright: © 2018 High Impact, Inc.
  • Medium / software used: Virtual Reality
  • Final presentation format: MP4
  • Primary audience: Judge, Jury, Attorneys

Project Description

The purpose of this medical legal VR app is to increase empathy among a jury for the plaintiff’s injuries and to provide a deeper understanding of how significantly these injuries will impact the plaintiff’s career and life. The plaintiff was in his last year of medical residency when he was hit head-on by a vehicle while crossing an intersection. He now suffers from double vision, visual field loss, and loss of visual acuity.

The viewer can navigate through a doctor’s office both with normal vision and with the plaintiff’s impaired vision to explore what the plaintiff’s career will look like with these permanent injuries.  Viewer can read from a clipboard and attempt an incision.

The visual field and impairment injuries the viewer experiences were calibrated directly from patient data and exams done by expert ophthalmologists.

Through VR we can achieve an immersive, user- controlled experience that allows the jury to experience life through the plaintiff’s shoes like never before.