2018 AMI Online Salon

Peritorcular Meningioma Resection

Project Details

  • Artist(s):  Katherine Relyea; Riverside, Illinois
  • Client: Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD. The Neurosurgical Atlas
  • Copyright: © 2017 The Neurosurgical Atlas
  • Medium / software used: Graphite, Photoshop & Cinema 4D
  • Final presentation format: Online Atlas
  • Primary audience: Neurosurgeons

Project Description

This series describes the steps involved in a Peritorcular Meningioma resection.

  1. The patient is situated in a three-quarters prone position with the head turned approximately 60 degrees toward the floor and a generous craniotomy is performed.
  2. Dural leaflets are incised and elevated from the Superior Sagittal Sinus and Transverse Sinus above the Tentorium.
  3. The tumor is devascularized from it’s base on the falx and tentorium prior to debulking with preservation of the functional superior sagittal sinus draining veins. Thorough debulking and dissection from the neurovascular structures, including the occipital lobes, the affected falx, and tentorium, are divided, and occluded dural sinuses are ligated.
  4. Occluded sections of the major dural venous sinuses are ligated and removed en bloc. Aggressive clipping ligation of the vein of Galen requires preoperative confirmation of total occlusion of the affected venous structures including the straight sinus.