2018 AMI Online Salon

Atolla Jellyfish

Project Details

  • Artist(s):  Logan Weihe; Chicago, Illinois
  • Client: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Copyright: © 2018 Logan Weihe
  • Medium / software used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Final presentation format: Informational Poster
  • Primary audience: High School Students

Project Description

Mainly intended for high school students, this poster introduces the Atolla “alarm” Jellyfish and how it uses bioluminescence as a defense mechanism. The visuals present the basic chemistry behind how the Atolla Jellyfish produces light, including the collaboration between the jellyfish’s specific luciferin (Coelenterazine), oxygen, and luciferase. The visuals also demonstrate the differences between the look of the jellyfish when illuminated and unlit to further illustrate how bioluminescence affects the jellyfish’s interaction with predators. Overall, a combination of 3D models, 2D graphic assets and text describe the way in which bioluminescence functions as a defense mechanism specific to the Atolla Jellyfish, and strives to replicate the Atolla glowing in the “midnight zone” of the deep sea.