2018 AMI Online Salon

Adoptive Cell Transfer: A New Type of Cancer Immunotherapy

Project Details

  • Artist(s):  Lauren Huff
  • Contributors: Nicholas Woolridge; Mississauga, Ontario
  • Client: University of Toronto
  • Copyright: © 2017 Lauren Huff
  • Medium / software used: 3D Animation
  • Final presentation format: 3D Animation
  • Primary audience: Cancer Patients

Project Description

In recent years, cancer immunotherapy has joined the ranks of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery as a pillar of cancer treatment, and clinical trials have recently demonstrated the ground-breaking potential of adoptive cell transfer (ACT) as a new immunotherapeutic for cancer patients. No multimedia currently exists, however, that adequately conveys treatment information on ACT therapy to current or potential patients. This 3D animation is designed to be clear, engaging and non-threatening, intended to educate patients on the scientific mechanism and clinical procedures involved with ACT, which may facilitate a discussion with their physician or promote involvement in a clinical trial.