Lian Leng, PhD 

Based on Organs-on-Chips technology, Emulate has created a new living system that provides a real-time window into the inner workings of human biology and disease – offering researchers a new technology designed to predict human response with greater precision and detail than today’s cell culture or animal-based experimental testing. An Organ-Chip is a living, micro-engineered environment that recreates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body. Each of Emulate’s Organ-Chips — including the lung, liver, brain, intestine, and kidney — contains tiny hollow channels lined with tens of thousands of living human cells and tissues, and are approximately the size of an AA battery. In this presentation, we highlight the application of this technology for improving human health.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Lian Leng is Lead Investigator-Microfluidics Engineer at Emulate. Based on their Organs-on-Chips technology, Emulate is creating a new living system for understanding how different diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health.

At Emulate, Leng leads the development of the Skin-Chip and the Lung Tumor-Chip. Her areas of expertise include the design of Organ-Chips and the generation of complex, 3D biomaterial scaffolds for tissue engineering. Prior to joining Emulate, Leng lead the development of a human Skin-Chip at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, where she was a postdoctoral fellow.

Leng received both her master’s and Ph.D. in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Toronto. She has co-authored four peer-reviewed publications and three patents.