Edwin Choi 

Without standards of health data, health IT systems are unable to communicate with each other, costing tens of billions of dollars in waste per year in the US and causing medical errors, stifling medical research, and reducing quality of care at all levels of the healthcare system.

This session will describe and focus on the design process that went into building Flux Notes, an application that can collect and curate patient data in clinically meaningful ways in order to demonstrate the full value of an emerging national health data standard (http://standardhealthrecord.org/).

Through the presentation of this case study, we will do a lightning walk through of UX processes ranging from clinician based user research, ideation, interface design, prototyping and testing, and how they were used to drive design and development for a national project at the intersection of oncology, health IT, and clinical care (https://github.com/standardhealth/shr_design/blob/master/design/oncology/mitre_tumor_board_concepts.pdf).

Speaker Bio

Edwin is a designer who combines the sciences and art in order to orchestrate healthcare software experiences to be beautiful and clinically refined. Edwin joined Goinvo in 2015, is a graduate of the University of Washington, and has a masters in medical illustration from Johns Hopkins University.