Bill Westwood, MS, CMI, FAMI 

Learning how to prepare a legally sound, comprehensive license is a critically important skill for medical illustrators to learn. The first step in acquiring this skill is to understand the terms and terminology involved in licensing. This usually starts with the basic Who? definitions of “licensee” and “licensor”, followed by the What?, When?, Where? and How? questions that will shape the scope and limits of the license to be presented to your client.

Terms necessary to helping you shape your license, such as “buy out”, “limited rights”, “exclusive or non-exclusive use”, “rights managed”, “all rights” – just to name a few – are often confusing and frequently misunderstood by illustrators when they have an opportunity to license their artwork .

The failure to fully understand what these terms mean and how to properly use them in a license to produce a sound contractual agreement that fully protects all parties, can put an illustrator and their artwork at great risk.

Speaker Bio

Bill Westwood is a 1972 graduate of the Medical Illustration Program at the Medical College of Georgia. After 10 years with the Mayo Clinic Bill left to become a solo entrepreneur. For over 30 years since, he has operated a successful medical illustration studio in Albany, NY.

Bill is a long-time proponent of and speaker on business issues affecting medical illustrators, including: artist’s rights/copyright, marketing, contracts, negotiation and pricing. He is a panel member on the “Copyright Forum,” a popular copyright information call-in radio show (FM 90.3, Public Radio Vox Pop series) on WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

Bill is an AMI Past President and served two terms on the Board of Governors and is the recipient of the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award and the Brödel Award for Excellence in Education.