Natalie Yoshioka – VT Scholar Presentation (5 Minutes)

I developed a web-based, interactive timeline on body cavity partitioning to allow users to discover key developmental landmarks of both normal and abnormal embryonic development. Body cavity partitioning was chosen as the area of focus, as organ system development is directly related to the embryonic spaces. Users can select events, which highlights related structures and defects with visual cues. It was anticipated that users would be able to find information about body cavity partitioning and embryonic defects more quickly and efficiently with the interactive resource versus a typical static resource containing just the content and images, in addition to gaining embryology knowledge.

Speaker Bio

My love for anatomy was cultivated during my undergraduate studies in Biology and Visual Arts and in my Masters-degree graduate study in Biomedical Visualization. I’ve worked as a teaching assistant in human anatomy and dissection techniques for both medical and graduate students, created a collaborative group between medical and BVIS graduate students to develop patient educational materials, and ran bi-monthly figure drawing sessions as the SAMA Secretary. I love illustration and 2D animation, and have a growing interest in web-based interactive media as a learning tool for medical education. In my spare time, I like drinking coffee, observing autopsies, and oil painting.