Kristen Browne 

Medical and scientific communications professionals are increasingly utilizing animation, gaming platforms, and augmented/virtual reality to engage with their audiences. The NLM 3D project aims to capture and translate the wealth of high resolution 3D imaging data that is being produced by the scientific community such that it can be leveraged by these communications efforts. The site currently exists as a fully functional prototype and was developed as part of a Medical Informatics Fellowship at the Lister Hill Center for Biomedical Communications. This talk will provide an overview of the NLM3D: Anatomy project, beginning with the Visible Human image archives, which have been segmented and processed into high quality, production-ready 3D polygonal anatomical models. These models are uploaded to a custom Drupal-based content management system and website. Several features of the site will be discussed, including optimizing content relationships and developing a robust anatomical vocabulary to permit versatile search capability. This system has been developed such that it can easily be adapted to include further dataset types including veterinary anatomy, cellular and subcellular structures and molecular models. With these keystones in place we hope that NLM3D: Anatomy could serve as the beginnings of an expansive and comprehensive scientific 3D model library.

Speaker Bio

Since graduating from the University of Toronto MScBMC program in 2015, Kristen Browne has been working with the Audiovisual Program Development Branch at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications (the medical informatics research branch of the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health). There she leads development of the NLM3D project, advises on the Human Biomolecular Atlas Program (NIH Common Fund Project), and provides training and public outreach to the greater NIH community.