Hannah Ahn 

As access to global information has become easier with technological advances, social media has become an efficient way for the world to stay connected. Medical institutions have adopted social media practices to expand their businesses, using it as a marketing tool and a way to reach their audience. CTisus, a radiology teaching website, has adapted the tools offered by social media not just for marketing, but also for dissemination of medical education. Through trial and error, we learned that Facebook can function as a supplement to our teaching website. Data collected over the last 3 years has allowed us to track our user’s interests and helped us develop a plan for how we manage our social media accounts. We have learned that having a steady stream of content that mostly consists of images and videos were important in drawing in viewers. In this presentation, we will discuss an introduction to CTisus’s Facebook page and its impact on the dissemination of medical education. We will also review how to utilize the tools that Facebook offers to plan and manage an educational social media page.

Speaker Bio

Hannah Ahn is currently working as a medical illustrator at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Radiology. She creates supplement radiology education illustrations and is part of a team that runs a radiology education website, CTisus. She is fascinated by visualizing and marketing science to communicate medical education efficiently. In addition to working with CTisus, she works as a freelance illustrator with clients from JHU Department of Gynecology, JNS, and Neurosurgery. She earned her BFA in Illustration at MICA and received an MA from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.