Nati Chen // Chelsea Canlas // Patricia Nguyen – VT Scholar Presentation (5 Minutes)

Kinundrum is an e-learning web application designed as a supplementary resource for an undergraduate kinesiology anatomy course. Students work through lower limb biomechanics case studies at increasing levels of difficulty. Each case study is introduced with an animated injury scenario, after which students solve interactive problems accompanied by 3D models, animations, and illustrations of the affected anatomy. As the first collaborative Master’s Research Project in the UofT Biomedical Communications program, the presentation will describe how this interdisciplinary project was designed and developed.

Speaker Bio

Natividad Chen is a visual storyteller with a passion for science, 2D animation, and illustration. She graduated from Brown University with ScB in Marine Biology with Honours and from VanArts Institute with a 2D Character Animation Diploma with Honours. After working as a vertebrate biology research assistant , and then as an animator for a cartoon show, she decided to combine her love of science and art by pursuing her MSc in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto.

Chelsea Canlas is a knowledge seeker and problem solver with a background in art, science and design. With a BDes from OCAD University, and professional experience designing exhibition graphics, she is now a proud student of the BMC program. She is passionate about designing experiences that inform and create meaningful communication between scientific and nonscientific audiences.

Patricia Nguyen is a huge science nerd. She loves teaching people about interesting scientific concepts through fun, engaging and compelling visuals. She especially loves sharing interesting facts about the human body seeing as she graduated with a BSc in Kinesiology from McMaster University. Patricia’s goal is to work in science or patient education, whether it means making illustrations, comics, 3D models, or 2D animations.