Hillary Wilson 

Gender dysphoria occurs when an individual’s psychological identity as a male or female conflicts with their biological sexual characteristics, resulting in anxiety, depression, and distress. Transgender individuals often face harassment, discrimination, and stigmatization. Discrimination in clinical settings as well as a lack of gender sensitive resources can erode trust in the healthcare system by the transgender community, and by extension, negatively affect the health of the transgender patient.

Gender-affirming surgeries are being performed with increasing frequency with the expansion of healthcare coverage and the availability of more resources for transgender individuals. However, there is still a lack of clear, accurate, patient education visual resources. A full color, gender and racially sensitive patient education resource was created with input from professionals at the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health. The images, rich in detail and aesthetically pleasing, will facilitate doctor-patient communication, aid patient decision-making, and improve patient outcomes.

Speaker Bio

Hillary Denyce Wilson was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She spent the majority of her childhood in North Carolina and attended High Point University for her undergraduate education. During that time, Hillary developed a thorough knowledge and appreciation for the life sciences while also nurturing a love for art. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

In 2016, Hillary continued her studies in the graduate program in Medical and Biological Illustration in the at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. While at Hopkins, Hillary received an Award of Merit for her biological illustration Bower Construction of the Fawn-Breasted Bowerbird at the 2017 Association of Medical Illustrators conference in Austin, Texas. She also received a scholarship from the Vesalius Trust for her master’s thesis in 2018. Hillary will receive her Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration in May of 2018