Amy Robinson Sterling 

Amy Robinson Sterling will share an update on neurons reconstructed in Eyewire, a brain mapping game that was presented at AMI in 2016. Eyewire sits at the intersection of science and design, inviting puzzle gamers from around the world to work with AI to solve the 3D structure of neurons. Over the past two years, players have mapped thousands of neurons, resulting in newly discovered cell types and circuits. At AMI, Sterling will share a way for any illustrator or animator to freely download and utilize nanoscale-resolution 3D models of neurons and give a hint at what vastly larger models are to come.

Speaker Bio

Amy Robinson Sterling is the Executive Director of Eyewire, a game to map the brain. Eyewire crowdsources neuroscience, challenging hundreds of thousands of players around the world to solve 3D puzzles and map out neurons, allowing neuroscientists to chart synaptic connections and model circuitry. Sterling has advised The White House OSTP and the US Senate on crowdsourcing and open innovation. Under her leadership, Eyewire’s neuroscience visualizations have appeared at TED and in Times Square NYC. She helped create the world’s first neuroscience virtual reality experience. Sterling curates the NIH 3D Print Exchange Neuroscience collection, which features several 3D printable neurons discovered by Eyewire gamers. Fast Company credits Amy with “making neuroscience into a playground for the hot tech du jour.” Sterling is a contributor at Forbes and tweets from @amyleesterling.