Lauren Rakes – VT Scholar Presentation (10 Minutes)

Infants born with underdeveloped mandibles (“micrognathia”) face risk of injury when anesthesia is required, due to a hypoplastic mandible, posteriorly displaced tongue, and other facial anomalies that ultimately cause airway obstruction and difficult intubation. Lack of algorithms to guide difficult airway management in micrognathic infants, training resources, and familiarity with the condition prevent physicians from acquiring the experience necessary to adequately care for these patients. A web application was created to increase exposure to micrognathic anatomy and the recommended techniques for intubation. A unique interactive algorithm within the application allows the user to learn about micrognathic infant airway management through text, illustration, and animation. A 3D model of a micrognathic infant can be explored, allowing for reinforcement of the anatomy. The goal of this project is to provide an educational resource to physicians, and to help contribute to the safety of these infants inside and outside the operating room.

Speaker Bio

Lauren Rakes was born in Charlottesville, VA and grew up surrounded by creative and artistic family members. She had always been fascinated by science and nature, but chose to attend Virginia Commonwealth University to get a degree in Art Education. Instead, she discovered the Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration program and fell in love. Her new major combined her interests and allowed her to educate through visual storytelling. Lauren chose to attend Johns Hopkins’ Medical and Biological Illustration program so she could keep learning more about science and medicine, and how to communicate those subjects to the world around her.