Adriana Orland, MS 

Multiple strategies exist when designing for virtual reality. In this talk, I will discuss how my background in biomedical visualization enhances and informs my approach, as a UX designer at Osso VR, to design a user centric experience that trains surgeons and medical device representatives. I will guide the audience through my design process to showcase one way a concept can be brought to fruition. Attendees will walk away encouraged to pursue their own design strategy to bring their own concepts to production and to contribute to the growing VR field.

Speaker Bio

Adriana Orland, MS, graduated from the Biomedical Visualization Graduate Program (BVIS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017. Adriana currently works as a UX designer at Osso VR, an award-winning, clinically-validated surgical training platform designed for surgeons, sales teams, and hospital staff of all skill levels. Her previous experience in Dr. Stellan Ohlsson’s Deep Learning Lab, researching the optimal approach to reteach and override instilled thoughts, coupled with her recent Master of Science degree push her to investigate the most advantageous ways that virtual reality can inform a variety of audiences in the healthcare field.  .