Angela Gao – VT Scholar Presentation (5 Minutes)

Translating new discoveries into viable therapies is dependent upon communication between scientists and medical professionals, especially in the emerging field of nanomedicine. Understanding of mechanisms on the cellular and molecular scale is commonly facilitated using 3D animation. However, this project sought to validate the knowledge transfer of complex biomedical information in nanomedicine using an alternative medium, the comic book. This medium has been effective for science communication but remains largely untested in medical education.

A comic book about a synthetic high-density lipoprotein gold nanoparticle’s apoptotic effects on lymphoma cells was created and compared to a 3D animation with identical content. This project explored how these visualization formats – comic and 3D animation – differ in terms of knowledge gain, engagement, and preference in order to determine the viability of comics in enhancing communication of nanomedical discoveries.

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