Rick Gersony, FAMI 

Pharma and medical device sales people have less time to effectively communicate complex ideas and engage their clients. One solution is to transform traditional business card into a delightful augmented reality (AR) teaching tool that enhances and extends the engagement. We created both a Pharma and Medical Device AR Apps that use images on business cards to launch powerful teaching tools. A pre-recorded video will demonstrate how the sales person might engage with a client by providing a memorable experience and share important information about new medications and devices. An image on a business card is used as a marker to launch the AR experience in the app and becomes a convenient distribution item to be shared among colleagues and patients. The Apps uses animated 3-dimensional models in the AR environment to enhance spatial understanding of the mechanism of disease and mechanism of action of products beyond the flatter representation of traditional media. The presenter will share positive and negative feedback from the field as well plans for next steps.

Speaker Bio

Rick Gersony received his MFA in Medical Art at the University of Michigan in 1989, then worked in the University of Kentucky Department of Surgery creating traditional surgical illustration. After teaching medical art and figure drawing for a few years, he co-founded Medmovie with his wife Kim in 2000 to focus on pharma and device animation as well as patient education Apps with Medical Trade Association partners. Medmovie recently launched a VR experience for a major pharmaceutical company and is partnering with medical marketing agencies and local game developers to explore future AR/VR platform possibilities.