2017 AMI Online Salon

Resection of parasagittal meningioma with preservation of venous lake

Project Detail

  • Category: I-2 Still Media – Didactic/Instructional – Surgical/Clinical Procedures
  • Media: Pen and ink, Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Audience: Neurosurgeons and neurosurgical residents
  • Final Presentation format: Print (surgical atlas)
  • Illustrator: Jerry Gu
  • Client: Prof. Michael Corrin, Dr. Michael Cusimano, Dr. Hidehiro Okura, Dr. Omar Pathmanaban

Project Description

This illustrated sequence describes the micro-neurosurgical segment of a case involving the resection of a parasagittal meningioma, with complications regarding preservation of cortical venous drainage overlaying the tumor. This sequence is an excerpt of a larger sequence describing the entire procedure and was created for an assignment in a graduate course on visual storytelling. The goals of the assignment were to 1) create a clear didactic narrative that accurately described the temporal, anatomical and procedural aspects of the surgery, and 2) render the figures using pen-and-ink. To document the procedure, the live surgical procedure was observed at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, extensive notes were taken, and references were collected. Next, many iterative pencil drafts of the figures were made; this process was aided by peer and faculty critique, as well as consultation of the observed surgeons and an anatomist. Finally, the sequence was rendered using pen and ink.