Nick Klein//Russell Adams

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Virtual Reality (VR) has exploded into one of the most significant storytelling mediums in entertainment, education, and brand development. Over the past couple of years, devices, experiences,and content ecosystems have rapidly proliferated. Even the vocabulary used to talk about VR has evolved to include new production terms, concepts and hardware platforms. Klein and Adams are going break the world of VR down into a few practical categories. They’ll discuss production techniques and storytelling considerations for each. They will also discuss the future of VR based on trends, prototypes, and innovative experiences from various industries.

Nick Klein

Nick Klein

Nick Klein, MS is a Co-Founder and the Director of Innovation at the award-winning iSO-FORM LLC. Nick is a professional medical illustrator by training. Has has an expertise in medical animation and interactive media production, design, and storytelling techniques with a recent focus on virtual reality. He is an experienced presenter who loves to share his enthusiasm for emerging technology as it applies to medical visualization and storytelling.


Russell Adams is one of the co-founders of iSO-FORM LLC and serves as the Director of Technology. Russ’ focus at iSO-FORM is to seamlessly blend art with cutting edge technology. Before devoting his work fulltime to iSO-FORM, Russ worked as a developer at Engineering Animation Inc. and then as a senior software engineer and ultimately a senior project manager for iMed Studios.  Over the years Russ’ work on various projects has resulted in several team awards including a W3 Gold Award, the Dr. Frank H. Netter

Award, multiple Awards of Excellence, and the Interactive Best of Show award from the AMI.