Prep – Digital Media

Artwork Preparation for Motion and Interactive Media Categories

General Guidelines

Animation & Interactive Media

ANIMATIONS and INTERACTIVE entries must be submitted as 3-minute videos (or shorter) for pre-judging and for display in the salon. Interactive product files (apps, .exe files, websites, etc.) will not be accepted.

Read the following instructions carefully. Questions may be directed to John Dorn at 515.520.0632 or

Both animation and interactive submissions must be submitted to your Dropbox account as .mp4 movies (h.264 compression codec preferred), by Tuesday, June 21.

Artists are required to limit their entries to a short, representative movie, no longer than 3 minutes.

Editing by the entrant may be required to reach the 3-minute maximum time allowance. Videos shorter than 3 minutes are allowed and encouraged. Movies over 3 minutes will be excluded from the salon.

Interactive and animation entrants may also upload an optional 15-second (maximum) trailer of your entry to be used at the Awards Banquet, on the AMI web site and possibly in the JBC. Please submit the trailer as an .mp4 movie (h264 compression codec preferred).

Interactive Media Entries: Specifications for Submission of Videos

Videos of interactive entries must include at least 90 seconds of continuous, un-cut, un-edited user interaction using screen capture technology or hand held video of the interactive program in use. The entrant may use a split-screen showing user-interaction with peripheral hardware such as a motion-controller, VR headset, or haptic devices.

No music, artwork, screenshots, visual FX, motion graphics, or sound FX are to appear in the video that aren’t part of the interactive program. The judging criteria for the interactive salon categories have NOT changed. There are no points for video editing or post-production. Entry videos are not commercials, teasers, or trailers, but demonstrations of the interactive program in its current state at the time of submission.

Interactive Textbooks

Interactive textbooks may be submitted as an iBook or interactive pdf. Individuals planning on submitting an interactive textbook should contact John Dorn ( or Nick Klein ( by Tuesday, May 31 for specific information.

Interactive Table Space

The AMI is offering table space for salon entrants who wish to present their interactive product during the Salon Opening. Additional demonstration times may be arranged by the entrant during normal salon hours. Entrants who wish to reserve table space must check the appropriate box on the Salon Entry Form. Entrants are responsible for supplying, setting-up and securing all hardware and software needed for the interactive.

The AMI is not responsible for theft or damage of any hardware or software supplied by its members.


Each entry must be accompanied by:

  1. Salon Permission Form (one per entry to be completed online when registering for the Salon.)
  2. Digital Dropbox files (AMI is using Dropbox to collect the electronic files. See details below.)

Note: For Electronic entries, the Salon Entry Form that you fill out at registration will be used identify your entry as it appears in the electronic display in the Salon. Therefore you will NOT be asked to print out and mail a Salon Display Label. Study the “Glossary of Terms” below to familiarize yourself with the importance of filling out the online label correctly.

Salon Display Label - Glossary of Terms

  • Title: The title you give your entry is for the Salon Committee’s use for general identification; it is not the official title you might attach to your piece to be published. Keep it as short as possible.  For example, Instead of “CAL-101/GS-1101 and the P13K Delta Pathway in B-cell malignancies, NHL and CCL” you could enter this title, “Targeted Medications for B-cell Malignancies” (you will have the opportunity to expound in the “intended purpose” portion of the Salon label).  Please be courteous. If an award is won these titles will need to be easily read during our awards dinner.
  • Company/Institution: The name of the institution or firm by which you are employed or in the case of self-employment, your own company name. (NOT the client for whom the work was prepared)
  • Medium/Software: Art medium used in rendering the image. This includes software (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, etc. with version code) and/or traditional media (e.g., watercolor, gouache, Bristol board, etc.) If the artwork combines both traditional and digital media, both should be described (for example, Graphite on Bristol/Photoshop).
  • Final Presentation Format: The form in which the artwork is to be presented to or used by its audience (for example, PowerPoint slide, courtroom graphic, print ad, journal cover, etc.).
  • Primary Audience: Those to whom the content of the visual image is intended (e.g., medical students, surgical residents, research scientists, patients, general public, etc.).
  • Intended Purpose: A concise statement of the communication problems that the visual image solves. What is the message or story being told? This section is very important. Salon judges evaluate pieces objectively against a specific set of criteria to determine whether or not the entry has achieved the communication/technical goals stated by its author. Submit carefully constructed and well-formed Intended Purpose statements.

Note to Student Entrants: Students must also fill out an Intended Purpose statement for work to be judged. The Salon Judges realize that student works are intended to solve both technique and content problems. For example, if the assignment was to use multiplied layers, gradients or wash techniques, this information is appropriate and should be included in the Intended Purpose section of the Display Label.


Instructions for Dropbox Upload

Digital files that accompany your New Media entries

Each digital entry MUST be accompanied by a total of four (4) files: the Salon Label, two (2) JPG image files, the entry itself as an MP4 file. In addition, You may also submit one (1) optional file of the trailer. (The JPG files and the MP4 files will be used for the awards presentation at the meeting and in the salon winners gallery of the AMI website and the JBC). YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPLOADING THESE FILES TO A DROPBOX ACCOUNT.

Specifications for the files are as follows:


  1. Electronic Salon Display Label:

Note: Please remember to change the name of the file that has been automatically generated and emailed to you prior to upload

  • File name: Brownstone_ja_16F-1_1_SalonLabel.pdf
  • Note: Please do not modify the text of the automatically generated pdf file. The EXACT wording you submit is what will be used in the online salon.  Therefore, please proofread your label before submitting, rather than correcting your PDF file. The salon and web committees are not responsible for any typos or misspellings once you have submitted your entry.  Any corrections you make after registration will not be used. 

 File for PowerPoint Awards Presentation, Website Gallery, AMI promotional purposes, and Journal of BioCommunications:

  •  Recommended Size: 3000 pixels wide x 2250 pixels high (10 inches x 7.5 inches)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi, RGB
  • File name: brownstone_ja_16A-2_1.jpg

File name: last name_first and middle initial_year and category_entry number if more than one piece entered in same category.jpg

  • E.g. – John A. Brownstone, 2 entries in the animation didactic/instructional non-commercial (F-1) in the year 2016 would look like this:
  • brownstone_ja_16F-1_1.jpg
  • brownstone_ja_16F-1_2.jpg
  1. File for Website Gallery THUMBNAIL:
  •  Size: 171 pixels wide x 128 pixels high
  • Resolution: 72 dpi, RGB
  • File name: brownstone_ja_16F-1_1_thumb.jpg
  1. File for animation entry: 
  • Length: 3 minutes (maximum), at least 24 fps
  • Format: .mp4 (if possible with h264 codec)
  • File name: brownstone_ja_16F-1_1_animation.mp4

4A. Optional file for animation trailer: 

  • Length: 15 seconds (maximum), at least 24 fps
  • Format: .mp4 (if possible with h264 codec)
  • File name: brownstone_ja_16F-1_1_animation_trailer.mp4
  1. File for interactive entry:
  • Length: 3 minutes (maximum), at least 24 fps
  • Format: .mp4 (if possible with h264 codec)
  • File name: brownstone_ja_16G-1_1_interactive.mp4

5A. Optional file for interactive trailer:

  • Length: 15 seconds (maximum), at least 24 fps
  • Format: .mp4 (if possible with h264 codec)
  • File name: brownstone_ja_16G-1_1_interactive_trailer.mp4