Judging & Awards


When evaluating entries, judges will consider the intended purpose, degree of problem solving, concept, accuracy of medical or scientific content, creativity, medium/software used, technical execution, clarity, and appropriateness to the audience as stated in the AMI Salon Display Label. For help in understanding the judging process, access and study the sample judging forms (General, Book, Animation, & Interactive) found on the AMI Website.


The Salon jury will determine Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit within each judged category. Awards of Excellence will be given to artwork that has met the highest standards of the profession, while Awards of Merit will be given to illustrations deserving special recognition of achievement. These two awards are NOT limited to one each per category and judges are not required to give both awards in each category.

There are also eponymous awards (e.g. the Russell Drake Award) within certain categories. The Ralph Sweet Member’s Choice Award is determined by the popular vote of professional member attendees. Deposit your ballots for the Member’s Choice Award in the appropriate box in the registration area no later than 2:00 pm on Friday, July 22. This award will be announced during the Salon Awards banquet.