Entering Artwork

Read the instructions thoroughly. All deadlines, rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Individual and Multiple Illustrator Submissions – The Salon is open to all Professional, Associate and Student members of the AMI. Note: Multiple Illustrator Submissions (such as books, animations, interactives) should have each AMI Member credited on the Salon Entry Form. Contributors who are not AMI Members may be credited but may not be considered the primary entrant and are not eligible for awards.
  • Corporate Submissions – Companies and institutions may submit entries under the company name. To be considered eligible, the company must employ a minimum of two current AMI members. One of the AMI members must submit the entry. Awards for Corporate submissions will be given in the company name, not in any individual’s name.



Entry Process Chronology


  1. Registration is now closed. After submission of entries, your Salon Display Label (the label that will identify/explain your submission) will be generated automatically from the text that you entered.
  2. Watch for email confirmation of your registration. Your Salon Display Label(s) will be attached to the email.
  3. Watch for an email (within a few days of registering) from AMI HQ with directions to access your Dropbox account. Your electronic files will be uploaded using this file hosting service.
  4. Prepare traditional entries for display and shipping (see details under “Artwork Preparation – Traditional”) and/or prepare your Animation and Interactive entries (see details Under “Artwork Preparation – Motion and Interactive Media)
  5. Upload electronic files to your Dropbox account by the deadline date.




Tuesday, May 31 Deadline to contact John Dorn, john.o.dorn@gmail.com or Nick Klein at nick@iso-form.com about any motion or interactive media.
Tuesday, June 7 Salon Entry forms due
Tuesday, June 21 Deadline to upload the electronic supporting files for ALL categories to your Dropbox account.
No earlier than Monday, July 11 and no later than Monday, July 18 Delivery window for artwork and display labels to arrive in Atlanta at address below:
Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 265 Peachtree Center NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, Attention: Glen Ellwood – Conferences & Events Manager, AMI 2016 Annual Meeting, July 21-23, 2016




Professional Members: $55 U.S. per entry (limit 2/member)

Associate Members: $55 U.S. per entry (limit 2/member)
Student Members: $45 U.S. per entry (limit 2/member)

Corporation or Institution: $165 U.S. per entry (limit 6/company)

Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card, or American Express. Make checks or money orders payable in US dollars to the Association of Medical Illustrators. The appropriate fees must accompany your entry form in order for it to be accepted.



Registrants for the Salon will receive immediate online confirmation as well as an email confirmation.