Artwork Pickup

General Information for Artwork Pickup

Artwork may be picked up Saturday, July 23, 1:30 – 4:15 pm. Absolutely no artwork may be removed from the Salon prior to this time. All entrants must sign out their artwork with the Salon staff before removing the artwork from the Salon. Be sure to bring Federal Express/UPS/or other freight carrier return shipping labels with you to ship your artwork back. These are not provided on site.

You are responsible for the manner of return of your artwork following the Salon. If you cannot attend the meeting, arrange for someone who is attending to retrieve your art. This person should be designated on the entry form or given a signed authorization note.

If you cannot attend the meeting and are unable to make arrangements to have your artwork picked up, enclose a completed (pre-paid account), self-addressed Federal Express/UPS/or other freight carrier return shipping label with your entry and send your entry in packaging that can be easily reused for the return.

Artwork not retrieved by the owner or his/her designate, and lacking a pre-paid, self-addressed return shipping label, will NOT be returned.

Good Luck Everyone!!!


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