Program Description

Since 1945, The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) Annual Conference has brought together artists, illustrators, animators, and visual communicators from around the world, to explore advancements, inspirations, and ideas in the dynamic fields of biomedical science and healthcare.

This year the AMI brings its celebration of creativity and talent to Atlanta, GA, to host AMI 2016—our 71st gathering. Workshops, programming, and activities run from Wednesday July 20nd through Saturday July 23rd.

AMI 2016 will offer a diverse program with a breadth of content that includes science, human anatomy, business, technology, and broad-based issues facing the world of image creators in healthcare. The program will once again combine the TED-style format of the 2014 meeting with traditional concurrent based programs familiar to AMI meeting attendees.

Notice to All CMIs: In order to receive CEUs for the meeting’s approved workshops and program sessions, for each workshop or talk you attend, Certified Medical Illustrators (CMIs) must fill out and submit either the online or PDF version of the CEU Verification form on the AMI web site within 30 days after the meeting is over. Please Note: There is nothing automatic about this process. If you don’t submit a Verification Form for the workshops or meeting sessions you attend, no CEUs will be recorded.

CEUs are not awarded “automatically” and AMI HQ cannot update your point status until those forms are received. The CE Verification form can be found on the AMI web site under the Education section. Those of you who bring your laptops to the meeting may want to consider sending in your forms at the end of each meeting day. The workshops and program sessions for both meetings have already been evaluated for CE credit, so you only need to submit the Verification Form, no Activity Form. If there are no CEUs listed for a particular event, that session has not been approved for credit.