This year's Richmond meeting is packed full of exciting, entertaining speakers and presentations that will help us to understand our interrelationships with technology, culture, environment, and science. This understanding will help us plot our future directions individually, as professionals, and as citizens of the larger world.

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Conference Highlights: Thursday, July 30 - Saturday, August 1, 2009:

See Program page for details

Plenary Sessions:

  • Bill Andrews will keynote the meeting with an overview of who we are, how we got here, and where we may be going. Bill is a dynamic professional who will kick off the meeting with a thought-provoking and entertaining presentation. He is an associate professor at the Medical College of Georgia and a popular and well-known medical illustrator, teacher, and scholar.

  • Miguel Schoen, PhD, and Gary Lees will guide us through a presentation of Living Anatomy, one of this meeting's several science-related offerings. Dr. Schoen has been a beloved anatomy professor at Johns Hopkins for many years and an excellent illustrator in his own right. Gary is chair of the Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine program and will facilitate the presentation.

  • Sean Cooke is a specialist and certified trainer for Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4). He will be showing CS4's newest features as well as help us see the exciting new intrinsic interconnectivity of its parts to each other and to that of other applications.

  • Teri McDermott, Bill Westwood, and others have recently concluded their long run as plaintiffs in a major intellectual property suit. They will share some of their experiences plus some tips and pitfalls in case anyone else has to travel this bumpy road.

  • Charles Cooke, MD, is a scholar on Civil War medicine and consults with the Chimborazo Confederate Hospital museum in Richmond. He will share the state of medicine during the Civil War, including how the war changed medicine forever.

  • Vic Vieweg, MD, will examine how culture, environment, and medical knowledge shape how our society, perceives medical issues in any given era. He will use post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a case study to track this evolution.

  • The 2nd Annual Vesalian Poster Session will take place (supported by a grant from the Vesalius Trust)

  • Bill Hayes, author of best-selling The Anatomist, a story about the writing and illustrating of Gray's Anatomy, will talk about the book, its history, and its impact on him. He took an interesting approach to his research by literally getting in up to his elbows. Bill took a medical-school level dissection course to get a sense of the dissection experience. His take on that experience colors his world-view and understanding of the development of the classic text. It is something that we, as medical illustrators, will connect with easily.

  • Andrew Swift will give us a demonstration and update on OsiriX, the software used to manipulate axial imaging. His presentation in Richmond knocked everyone's socks off, and this time will be even better!

  • Betsy Palay will again host and moderate the Futures Forum, this year entitled "The Road Less Traveled". It will allow us to hear from successful entrepreneurs in our field: How did they start? What were the turning points in their lives that changed the directions of their careers? A star-studded panel will present and answer questions. This will be an important presentation in these difficult economic times.

  • Vesalian Scholars will present their research projects. These students have produced astounding work that should be an inspiration (and possibly a kick in the pants) to the rest of us, making this a not-to-be-missed presentation!

  • Tim Phelps and Brent Bauer will close the meeting's program portion with a presentation of the arts and crafts of the medical illustrator-away from the medicine. Medical illustrators are potters, weavers, watercolorists, jewelry-makers, and work in every medium you can imagine. A selection of this work will be shown to inspire us all.

  • Christine Armstrong, Vice President of Iomedia, will tell us where the industry is going. A major player in the creation of digital materials for healthcare and other fields, Iomedia has applied the basic principles of sound design, strategic thinking and production quality to produce a continuing series of high-quality, scientifically sound and highly mediated products.

Concurrent sessions:

  • Joanne Haderer-Muller will host the Business Roundtable, a panel discussion on practicing our profession in these challenging times. Freelancers and those considering freelancing will find this Roundtable invaluable.

  • Bill Westwood will discuss negotiation techniques and tactics, important information always! Bill is an award-winning illustrator who is one of the most experienced and savvy business people in the association. He will share a lot with participants.

  • Ahmet Sinav, MD, will reprise and update his popular "Anatomical Pearls" lecture from the 2008 meeting. This will be a hugely entertaining and beautifully illustrated lecture, to say the least!

  • John Martini will give a presentation on the biomechanics of trauma- a must-see for those who do any personal injury, physical therapy, or sports medicine illustration.

  • Mark Dryer will speak on digital facial reconstruction, an interesting and informative new forensic technique he has used in conjunction with the Toronto Police Services Forensic Identification Unit.

  • Sue Seif will give a medical-legal primer: What is a deposition? What's the difference between a civil and criminal case? What's a tort? She will answer these questions and many more for those who are not yet comfortable in a medical-legal setting.

  • Andrea Stevenson-Won will discuss "Beyond Anaplastology," presenting novel and interesting applications for moulage in a clinical setting.

  • Linda Wilson-Pauwels, will describe the work of medical and scientific artists of 18th century Holland, including how those illustrators sold their work and managed their businesses.

2009 AMI-RICHMOND Forums: See Program page for details

  • Mark Lefkowitz, AMI President, will moderate the 2009 AMI-RICHMOND Members Forum. This year's discussion will emphasize topics of interest and relevance to the AMI Membership including Artist Rights (ASIP as well as Orphan Works Legislation).

  • Betsy Palay will again host and moderate the Futures Forum, this year entitled "The Road Less Traveled". It will allow us to hear from successful entrepreneurs in our field: How did they start? What were the turning points in their lives that changed the directions of their careers? A star-studded panel will present and answer questions. This will be an important presentation in these difficult economic times.

Workshop Highlights: Wednesday, July 29, 2009: See Program page for details

  • Bill Westwood, will present a half-day negotiation workshop, designed to assist medical illustrators to understand and practice key elements of an effective negotiating process. This workshop will teach participants basic negotiation strategies they can then apply to almost any business situation where the parties seek to reach mutual agreement on virtually any issue.

  • Brent Bauer, DDS, will present Cuspid by Cuspida half-day workshop that will include a lecture, presentation, hands-on sketching, and discussion to teach the essentials of dental anatomy for the medical illustrator.

  • Sean Cooke, certified trainer for Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4), will be leading a half-day workshop on CS4. Participants will be taken through a demonstration of the new features of CS4 and create a small project.

  • Marc Dryer will present Autodesk Maya's nCloth in Biomedical Animation. This half-day workshop will demonstrate the nCloth module, a versatile dynamic cloth simulator that can be used to solve many visualization challenges in 3D biomedical animation. Participants will learn how to create nCloth objects, control their properties and environment, and how to integrate these techniques into a production workflow.

  • David Mascaro, an experienced instructor in life drawing, will present a half-day life-drawing workshop that will feature a live model. Participants will be able to do several quick renderings or a long, detailed study.

  • Juan Garcia will present Traditional to Digital Instructional Medical Sculptures, a half-day workshop that will teach the essentials of anaplastology for the medical illustrator.

  • John Martini will present Biomechanics of Trauma, a half-day workshop on the how the body acutely reacts to various forms of physical injury . This workshop will be particularly helpful for those working with any musculoskeletal issues.

  • Stephan A. Gudas, PhD, and Ross McClung, PhD, will present a half-day workshop entitled Gross Anatomy of the Upper and Lower Extremities: Demonstration and Correlated Imaging. This workshop will present a review of the anatomy of the arm, forearm, hand, thigh, leg, and foot using cadaveric specimens.

  • Stephan A. Gudas, PhD, will also be presenting Gross Anatomy of the Brain: Demonstation and Correlated Imaging, a half-day workshop with a demonstration and review of the gross anatomy of the brain. Two intact brains will be used to point out anatomical features. Monitors will also display correlated instructional material.

  • Megan Foldenauer, Emily Shaw and Craig Foster will present the half-day First-timers Workshop, an introduction to the AMI for meeting first-timers. This workshop will expose participants to the underbelly and workings of our organization.
Social Event Highlights: Thursday, July 30- Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Salon Opening Reception will showcase this year's best in all media. There is a special technological surprise this year-John Dorn and Imed Studios have arranged for a premier of the iWall, an incredible presentation system for digital work.

Free evening! There will be one evening (Thursday night) to leisurely stroll the cobblestones, walk to the river or see what's going on at Brown's Island. There is so much to do in the area that the program committee has arranged a little free time for exploring. Lunch will also be on your own on Thursday and Friday. Enjoy the charm of the neighborhood, go to the State Capitol or the Edgar Allen Poe House, or just sit, have a glass of wine and people-watch.

The Vesalius Trust Live and Silent Auction, always a big favorite, will be held on Friday evening after the Techniques Showcase. Come and bid on special items to benefit scholarships. Enjoy the cash bar and snacks that will get you in the mood for alumni dinners! We will be right accross the street at The Tobacco Company Restaurant in The Tobacco Company Club Room

Alumni dinners will immediately follow the auctions. There are plenty of great restaurants in the area for you and fellow alumni to try. Keep those eyes and ears open for more information.

This year the Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday evening. This event is always much anticipated-fine food, drinks, and presentation of the Association's highest awards, all in one gala evening. The Banquet will mark the perfect ending to what promises to be a jam-packed, stimulating conference.



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